Proposed Boat Transfer Facility at Rapide Croche lock

The board of directors of the Fox River Navigational System Authority (FRNSA) has reviewed bids and conceptual designs for a proposed boat transfer facility at the Rapide Croche lock. At this point, any construction of a facility to transfer boats over the sealed barrier is on hold.

The lock was sealed in 1988 and will remain closed as a barrier to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species (AIS) through the Fox River and Lake Winnebago. Originally sealed to prevent sea lamprey from invading the waters, the barrier is effective in protecting the waters from other species.

The Fox River Navigational System Authority (FRNSA) is maintaining the barrier to be in compliance with Wisconsin Statute 237.10(2), the state law that created FRNSA. Additionally, the DNR rule NR 40 that makes it illegal to possess, transport, transfer, or introduce any invasive species in the state. However, we are also committed to restoring full navigation of the Fox River, so we are researching options that will allow recreational and commercial vessel access to Green Bay and Lake Winnebago via the Fox River.

If you are interested in the history of the work done to open potential navigation of this closed lock, the following documents are here for your review.

2017 Final Design Concept Boat Transfer Station





Rapide Croche Bid Ad Final

Rapide Croche Boat Transfer RFP and Appendix A

Rapide Croche RFP-Appendix B-Prelim Eng Study

Rapid Croche RFP-Appendix C-Additional Information

2017 WI DNR approval letter



SHPO approval letter

2015 WI DNR Conditional Approval Letter

Information on initial concepts of Boat Transfer Facility

2007 – Concepts–Final Engineering Study Report STS/AECOM

2009 – Design Concept–Preliminary Engineering Study Report STS/AECOM

2010 – Transfer/Cleansing Station Brochure

Environmental Impact Reports background:

2013 Environmental Impact Report (EIR) potential impact that this project may have on the environment

Project Location and Topography

Project Location and Orthophotography

2009 Site Development Plan

Plat and Parcel Data

Wisconsin Wetland Inventory WDNR

Zoning Data

2014 Wis. DNR Rapide Croche Environmental Assessment

Aquatic Invasive Species reports 

2006-2012 – FRNSA AIS Project Summary Report Final

AIS Project Final Report 2006

AIS Project Final Report 2008

AIS Lethal Limits Final Report 2009

2011 – Determining the status of sea lamprey in Lower Fox River, executive summary

2012 – Aquatic Invasive Species Monitoring Project Summary Report (2006-2012) Lawrence University

2013 – Invasive Species Monitoring Report – Lawrence University

2014 – Invasive Species Monitoring Report – Lawrence University

2015- Invasive Species Monitoring Report – Lawrence University

2015-16 Spiny Water Flea Summary Research final abstract

2015 – Spiny Water Flea Monitoring Final Report LU FRNSA

2016 – Invasive Species Monitoring Final Report

2016 – Spiny Water Flea final monitoring report

2016 – LU Spiny Water Flea Monitoring Plan 2016

2016 LU FRNSA Spiny water flea Round Goby final monitoring report

2017 LU Spiny Water Flea Monitoring Proposal

2014 – Wisconsin DNR Environmental Analysis

User survey documents:

2010 – Boater Survey St. Norbert College

2010 – Additional Detail Regarding Selected Survey Scenario #4
2011 – Follow-Up Informal Boater Survey and Results Summary (specific to Lake Winnebago Watershed boaters)
2011 – Executive Summary of Boater Surveys