Safety reminders for river navigation

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Navigating the Fox River is not a simple as it looks. The current is swift in places and can be dangerous near the dams and spillways. Always remember to have personal flotation devices on board and wear them to ensure safety. Check at public boat landings for any local boating regulations and make sure you’re aware of all state boating requirements

As you’re out and about on the Fox River, remember these simple pointers for safe navigation:

  • If you’re going upriver toward Lake Winnebago, you keep red bouys to your RIGHT and green to your LEFT.
  • If you’re traveling down river toward Green Bay, keep red bouys to your LEFT and green to your RIGHT.
  • If you see a white bouy with no markings, that will tell you where the center of the channel is located.
  • The top color is the preferred side of the channel – “red right returning”
  • A white bouy with an orange triangle or circle on it warns you of danger. KEEP AWAY!

NOAA River Charts are available on each lock page on the website that contains a chart for that section of the river.

For more information on safe boating and navigational markers on the waterways, please visit this page on the Wisconsin DNR website:


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