Appleton Lock 4 repairs start

Posted on Feb 27, 2020 by
Construction is underway rebuild a section of the canal wall that abuts the Kaukauna Utilities hydroelectric plant on the eastern side of the lock. Over the years, the force of the water in the canal and the effects of winter weather and heavy rains eroded the canal wall structure creating a small sink hole. In fall of 2019, a 30-foot section of the wall slid into the channel.
“This will replace a segment of the original canal wall built when the lock system was created in the 1880s,” said Jeremy Cords, CEO of the Fox Locks system. “It acts as a dyke on lock four and without re-construction, it would be impossible to maintain navigation on this part of the river.”
Construction crews from McMullen & Pitz will install a cofferdam—a structure that allows water to be pumped out to create a dry area in the channel for construction. Crews will dig to the bedrock or hard pack in the channel, pour a new cement foundation for the wall, and use new and original cut stone to rebuild the wall. A portion of the slope behind the canal wall will be covered with stone rip rap to further stabilize the site.
For questions about the project, please contact us at the Fox River Navigational System Authority or use the contact form on our website.

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