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It’s faster and easier to get your passes for cruising through the locks this year!

All passes may be purchased online starting immediately. Day passes, season passes, even commercial vessel and special event passes can be purchased with a click of a button at this link: . To make it even easier, we ask you to set up an individual account and you’ll be able to track all your purchases from Fox Locks. Visit this secure link:

When you purchase a season pass (just $100 for months of fun!) we will send you a sticker to affix to your boat. Please remember to allow time to get those passes to you in the mail.

When you purchase a day pass, you’ll be able to select the day on which you want to use the pass. You’ll receive an email confirming your purchase with a line item indicating the day for which the pass is valid. Just remember to have your smart phone with you when you go boating and you can either show your phone to the lock tender, or take a screen shot and text it to the lock tender to verify you purchased a pass.

You don’t need to specify which lock(s) you want to visit, just purchase the day pass, save your email, and show it to the lock tenders when you enter the lock. If there are any questions, please contact our offices at 920-455-9174 or email

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