Lock Dimensions

144 feet x 35 feet

Sill Depth – 6 feet

Lift — 9.8 feet

Mile – 27.3

Phone Number


Phone active only during hours of operation  

This Lock welcomes you to the “Heart of the Valley,” a collection of small villages dotting the river all with strong ethnic roots, hometown pride, and some of the best Wisconsin supper clubs! The Cedars Lock, located in the village of Little Chute, derives its name from the Treaty of the Cedars which took place on the west bank of the Fox River near the lock site in 1836. Under this historic treaty, the Menominee ceded 4,000,000 acres of land to the United States government for a total of $7,000,000. The Menominee Nation, which had called this land home for 5,000 years, agreed to move west of the Wolf River. With this treaty the United States now owned all the land surrounding the Fox River and could begin to populate and develop the river.

Please note that a lock’s phone (and voicemail) is only monitored during its operating hours.

Fox River Navigational Charts: