The Locks / Rapide Croche

Rapide Croche signage_rapidecroche(A French term which means “fast hook” or “fast bend”) is currently a sealed lock that acts as a barrier to prevent Great Lakes Aquatic Invasive Species from traveling further up river to the Lake Winnebago system.

The Fox River Navigational System Authority is committed to maintaining an effective barrier for all aquatic invasive species, yet allowing navigation of the lower Fox River through the lock system. We are seeking other, more effective ways of both opening navigation and preventing invasive species from getting into the system. An electric barrier similar to the one proposed for the Menasha lock is also under consideration for this Lock.

Street Address: N2205 Lock Rd., Kaukauna, WI  54130


General Information

Latitude: 44.31713,
Longitude: -88.19645
Opened Date: 1850

Rebuilt Date: 1931-1939
Construction: Concrete with steel gates

Lock Dimensions

144 feet x 35 feet
Sill Depth - 6 feet
Lift -- 9.4 feet
CLOSED - due to aquatic invasive species (i.e. Sea Lamprey and Spiny Water Flea) from the Great Lakes.

Hours of Operation

This lock is closed as a barrier to aquatic invasive species from the Great Lakes.